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DIY - Analog MIDI Synth - FatMan PAiA Vintage Synthesizer

Build your own FatMan MIDI Analog Synth!

The FatMan has all of the features that give analog its big bottom and punch in a MIDI-controlled unit.

DIY - Analog MIDI Synth - FatMan PAiA Vintage Synthesizer
9700S package analog synthesizer

Analog Synthesizer
Modules and System

Featuring 9700 series modules, accessories and the P9700S modular package.

9700 Analog Synthesizer - PAiA

Latest News, Tips & Tricks

A grounding cable has been made available as an accessory to Theremax.

In many instances, the audio output connection an amp/speaker or mixer establishes a stabilizing earth ground link with a three-prong power cord and there is no need for this cable:  The circuit-common/”ground” of Theremax isn’t floating as is the situation when going into a two-prong (or battery) powered device, but anchored to the stable, zero…

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Polyphony Magazine

The years from 1975-85 saw electronic music realize the promise of the previous decades as ...
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FatMan Block Diagram

The FatMan analog synthesizer utilizes a MIDI to Control Voltage circuit-section for conversion of Note ...
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FatMan Synth Mods

Add LFO function to A(S)R contributed by: The Old Crow This mod adds an LFO function ...
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Check out the limitless possibilities!


Featured Products

Our kits include all electronic parts and an etched, drilled, and screened printed-circuit-board (pcb) along with a step-by-step assembly instruction manual.

9308K FatMan Analog MIDI Synth Kit

Kit includes circuit board, all electronic parts, power supply, wire, hardware, knobs manual. (Kit only, please select case or rack panel option if desired.)

Price: $204.95
9505KC - Theremax Kit (9505K) + Lectern Case (9505C)

The Theremax Theremin electronic kit (9505k) + full wooden lectern case with front panel and antenna mounting hardware (9505C).

Price: $231.40
9730FRM VCF FracRak Accessory kit

Kits includes punched, anodized and screen printed Panel, 1/8" Jacks, hardware and other mechanical parts.

Price: $31.45
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