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International Orders

Taking this time to remind visitors to the site that international orders must include a telephone number. It is required for the customs forms and…

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A grounding cable has been made available as an accessory to Theremax.

In many instances, the audio output connection an amp/speaker or mixer establishes a stabilizing earth ground link with a three-prong power cord and there is…

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Polyphony Magazine Pics - Various Covers

Polyphony Magazine

The years from 1975-85 saw electronic music realize the promise of the previous decades as monophonic voltage controlled synthesizers evolved into the polyphonic, multi-timbral music…

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Fatman Block Diagram - Analog Synthesizer

FatMan Block Diagram

The FatMan analog synthesizer utilizes a MIDI to Control Voltage circuit-section for conversion of Note and Pitch Wheel messages to a Pitch CV, which sets…

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PAiA Fatman Analog Synthesizer Modules

FatMan Synth Mods

  Click here for PAiA 9308 FatMan Modifications on PAiATalk   Add LFO function to A(S)R contributed by: The Old Crow This mod adds an LFO…

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PAiA article - Percussions Sensors - Converting oscillatory signals

Percussion Sensors

The signals produced by most percussion sensors will require some processing before they’re useful as triggers.  Usually this means converting an oscillatory signal into a…

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PAiA Drum Tone Board Connections - Diagram

MIDI2CV8 to Drum Tone Board Connections

Power for the Drum Tone Board can be tapped from the MIDI2CV8 aux. power connections using the parts shown to the left.  The nominal “+5”…

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PAiA Analog Synthesizer Drum Tone Oscillators

Drum Tone Oscillators

The circuit shown is the most interesting of several drum oscillators on an analog sound board that appeared as part of an article in the…

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Scott’s Vocoder Clarifier Mod

This modification to the PAiA 6710 Vocoder increases clarity and virtually eliminates noise by buffering the IN1 and IN2 level controls from the sixteen filters…

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Vocoder Diagram

How Vocoders Work

by Craig Anderton A block diagram of the PAiA Vocoder is shown below — note that it has two inputs.  Usually, one input is for…

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