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Cables! Tool Kits!

Two conductor mono cables (signal and ground)? Yes, we still use star grounding in many of our patches, but we know that many of our customers prefer to use grounded-shield cables for their patches, because it’s simple. Of course, you can use either and that’s what we’re doing here now that we’ve got these great custom cables in stock. If you order a 9700/S set, you’ll still get a set of plugs and a generous length of ultra-high-quality single-conductor instrument cable for your first set of patch cables, but if you like to have pre-build cables, our new products are hard to beat. We use a great, soft grey cable with small-diameter 3.5mm plugs, in the shorter lengths that so many patches cry out for. We’ve even color-coded the barrels so you can pull just the right cable out of your tangle for that quick patch.

The tool kits are something we’ve been wanting to do for … forever. More than ever, we have customers whose PAiA kit is their first electronic project. Of course, we’ve designed these kits so they can be built by anyone using almost any tools, but we’ve always wanted to have something really special to offer the new experimenter: a truly complete set of tools at the lowest possible price. Today, we’ve done it and we know you’ll be as pleased as we are.

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