Synthesizer Modules

The PAiA 9700 Series takes a decidedly high level, systems approach to Synthesizer Module design.  Rather than individual elements such as a single VCO, VCA or Envelope Generator, each PAiA module combines multiple elements and a powerful patch-over hardwired normaling scheme behind a single compact panel.  Common synth voices can be realized with few patch cords but elements can also be accessed individually for maximum versatility in creating complex, unique timbres.  A lot of synth power gets packed into a small space at a low cost.  Even a “small” system of only four modules, such as the P9700S, provides the sound generating power of as many as 15 conventional modules, including:

  • 2 VCOs
  • 2 VCFs
  • 2 VCAs
  • 1 Balanced Modulator
  • 1 Noise source
  • 2 AR Envelope Generators
  • 1 ADSR Envelope Generator
  • MIDI to CV Converter
  • Glide Processor
  • CV Scale/Offset Processor
  • Power Supply

System level design also improves performance and lowers cost.  Local voltage regulation and Star grounding on and between modules means a low noise floor and no parasitic modulations or interactions such as oscillator locking.  Distributing costs like circuit boards, panels and power connectors across multiple elements dramatically lowers per element cost.

All modules are scaled for 1Volt/octave Control Voltages with standard 100k ohm input impedance. Nominal signal level is approximately +10dB.  Modules are designed for ±18V. unregulated bipolar power but ±15V. regulated supplies can also be used.

FracRak accessory kits have heavy duty, black, screen printed aluminum panels that are 3U high (5-1/4″) and provide 1/8″ phone jacks for patching.

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Theremax Theremin

Theremax captures the spirit of the original theremin based on the same heterodyne principles but with embellishments made possible by the economy of integrated circuits and solid state electronics.

FatMan Synthesizer

FatMan has all of the features that give analog its big bottom and punch in a MIDI controlled package.

Vacuum Tube Preamplifiers

If you love vacuum tubes, these pre-amps have your name on them. The TubeHead is a low-cost, two-channel vacuum tube pre-amplifier with a twist; it's designed to be adjustable from crisp, solid-state transparency to an exaggerated caricature of tube amp warmth. In between these extremes, you'll find tonal coloring options that you've never had before and sounds that mimic every tube amp you ever heard. This circuit is so versatile that you may use it in place of compressors, limiters and sustainers even though, technically, it is none of these.

Tube Sound?
In sound systems from the golden age every link in the chain had distinct "squashing" non-linearities.

How Tubes work
"Starving" tubes with low plate voltages and currents produces a caricature of tube amp warmth.
Custom cases in the Builder's Hall of Fame.
Guitar FX

Guitar effects kits are designed to give electronic guitarists the highest quality effect at the lowest possible price. 

These guitar effects kits from PAiA are designed to give electronic guitarists the highest quality effect at the lowest possible price.

Batteries not included with kits. Cases are available separately.

MIDI to CV Converters

This freshly updated MIDI to CV converter from PAiA is an economical and versatile solution for interfacing MIDI to the world of analog synthesis and control.

Studio Series

High quality, quiet and full-sounding ANALOG sound processors.

Headphone Buffer Amp

Ideal for adding a headphone jack to equipment that lacks one


Casings, covers, hardware and anodized panels

Drum Tone Board

Kit has circuit and five other somewhat more conventional oscillators, nominally: Bass, Tom, Conga, Wood-Block and Clave. There is also a noise source that can be gated independently or along with the oscillators for Snare sounds

Dual Phantom Power Pre-Amp

This pre-amp provides phantom power, adjustable gain up to 60 dB and converts balanced inputs into single ended outputs.

This sophisticated fuzz designed by Craig Anderton splits the guitar signal into four specially equalized channels and fuzzes each one separately for a smooth, clean, sustaining sound with minimum harshness.
MIDI Controllers

This 8031 based CV to MIDI converter is available with your choice of firmware for either a MIDI Fader or MIDI Drum Brain.

Lo-tech automation - invaluable when hands to ride gain controls are limited.
Building Block Kits

Kits we've used as building blocks. Each of these simple kits is inexpensive and easy to build. A few include boxes, most require a power supply (sold separately) or batteries.