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Theremax ThereminSince its introduction during the 1920’s the instrument which bears Leon Theremin’s name has been evocative in image and tone.  PAiA’s Theremax theremin captures this spirit in an instrument based on the same heterodyne principles as the original but with embellishments made possible by the economy of integrated circuits and solid state electronics.

In addition to the traditional mellow sine-like tone, Theremax’s Timbre control can mix in a harmonic rich square wave to produce a signal that’s ideal for use with external filters and processors.  And to control outboard units, there are Pitch and Volume Control Voltage outputs.

But the features that really set Tmax apart as a gestural controller are it’s Velocity Control Voltage (proportional to how fast you increase the Volume) and Gate/Trigger outputs.  A convenient foot switch input allows muting the internal tone source without disabling the CVs.

Panel Controls are conveniently grouped at the front of the instrument to minimize unwanted interactions during set-up.  Tech-heads will appreciate the use of four r.f. oscillators to maximize sensitivity and provide wide dynamic range, as shown in the schematic and design analysis.

What do builders think?  Tomas Mulcahy has written for Sound On Sound and describes his theremin experiences on his web site.  In addition to a Theremax review there are also links to current theremin manufacturers.

How does it sound?  FunkyT.mp3 and here’s a short .wav file are two examples, with thanks to Denny Genovese of the Southeast Just Intonation Center.

Richard Wixner of Another Plane Records has produced a CD of his work with the PAiA Theremax, Theremin Fantasies.  His work demonstrates the rich tone of the Theremax, and the limitless possibilities of the instrument as a sound source for creative production post processing.  Richard uses production effects and techniques, sampling, and some custom mods to build his soundscape.


Have questions?  Check out the Theremax FAQ.
Want to know more?  Check out Theremin Tone article.

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EarthLink Clip, Lug, or Plug cable accessory for providing an earth ground link to Theremax via a mains outlet.


EarthLink Clip, Lug, or Plug cable accessory for providing an earth ground link to Theremax via a mains outlet.


EarthLink Clip, Lug, or Plug cable accessory for providing an earth ground link to Theremax via a mains outlet.

9505KC - Theremax Kit (9505K) + Lectern Case 9505C

The 9505K Theremax theremin electronics kit + 9505C complete, wooden lectern case kit accessory item with all hardware.

9505KFPA Theremax Theremin Electronic Kit (no case: 9505K) + Front Panel and Antenna Set 9505FPA

Combo set includes the 9505K Theremax theremin electronics kit plus the front panel and antennae.

9505K Theremax Theremin Electronic Kit ONLY

Theremax theremin kit based on radio frequency heterodyne principles.  Circuit board kit includes electronic parts, knobs, wire, circuit board, 12 VDC wall mount power supply (NO CASE)

9505C Theremax lectern case kit

Wooden lectern case for housing the Theremax.  Includes front panel and antenna mounting hardware. 

9505C Theremax lectern case kit, less 9505FPA

Wooden lectern case for housing the Theremax, less 9505FPA items.





9505FPA Theremax Theremin Front Panel and Antenna Set

Theremax front panel and antenna hardware only.

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