6710K Vocoder

The PAiA Vocoder, designed by Craig Anderton, is truly a price/performance breakthrough in classical analog designs. Eight bands of resolution let you make instruments “speak” with remarkable intelligibility. But that’s only the beginning of applications for this versatile spectral cross-modulator which impresses the timbre of one sound source to directly onto the pitch of a second source. Features like stereo outputs, built-in fuzz and an effects send and receive loop add flexibility missing in other vocoders.

Vocoder Extras

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Listen to Sound Samples

Larry Hendry, an amateur musician playing in numerous bands for fun, sanity, and cash for music toys since 1970, sent along these .wav files. You can tell Larry enjoys both the musical and technical sides of music production.

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6710K Vocoder Kit

Vocoder Kit includes circuit board all electronic parts, switches, jacks controls, knobs and manual.

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6710FP Vocoder Front Panel

6710FP Front Panel 1U standard .125 inch thick 19 X 1.75 inch black anodized, punched and screen printed panel.