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The FracRac Power Wing Accessory package mounts a 9770 power supply in the end panel of a FracRak case without using up a module space. Includes black anodized, punched and screen printed panel, power switch and all hardware.

Choose from 3 configurations: The 9770U provides unregulated nominal +/- 18VDC @ 350mA. and is intended for devices that don't require regulated voltage. The 9770R-12 and 9770R-15 are +/- 12VDC @ 300mA. and +/- 15VDC @ 200mA. regulated supplies respectively. Each supply has provisions for connecting up to 6 devices. LEDs indicate status of AC input and both power rails. Kits include tin-lead plated and solder masked circuit board (4" X 2-3/4"), wall mount transformer and all electronic components.
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