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Eight bands of resolution let you make instruments "speak" with remarkable intelligibility. A versatile spectral cross-modulator, which impresses the timbre of one sound source to directly onto the pitch of a second source.

MS Stereo Microphone

Mid-side microphone stereo microphone produces a spacious, airy stereo image that's ideal for recording acoustic instruments.

Headphone Distribution Amplifier

This extremely useful, high-quality device allows low or line-level sources to drive up to 6 pairs of stereo headphones. 12 separate amplifiers drive any mix of headphones from 8 to 600 ohms and each headphone has its own stereo volume control.

Submix Master
Craig Anderton
Four-Band EQ

One thing that separates compact mixing boards from their big studio cousins is a good EQ section. It

Hot Springs Reverb

You know the problems with spring reverbs - nearly all of them are twangy, boingy; bassy, boomy and noisy. But the Hot Springs is none of these.

Dual Limiter
A low noise, low distortion, low cost limiter for even the most budget conscious studios and performers. Like a safety valve, a limiter does nothing as long as everything
Parametric Equalizer
For either studio or live performance work, a parametric equalizer is the most powerful and versatile tone control available with applications that range from notching out the feedback howls in an unruly venue to taming that one note in a run that just won
Direct Interface
If you record guitars, Craig Anderton
Vocal Zapper

Low cost device can be used with any conventional stereo system to remove the lead vocal from most stereo tapes, CDs or records.

Phono Preamps
Phono Preamps