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International Orders

Taking this time to remind visitors to the site that international orders must include a telephone number. It is required for the customs forms and an order cannot be sent if this is not provided in the shopping cart detail entries. Thank you!

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A grounding cable has been made available as an accessory to Theremax.

In many instances, the audio output connection an amp/speaker or mixer establishes a stabilizing earth ground link with a three-prong power cord and there is no need for this cable:  The circuit-common/”ground” of Theremax isn’t floating as is the situation when going into a two-prong (or battery) powered device, but anchored to the stable, zero…

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Summer Sale Perfect to Start a New Project!

Ahhh…Summertime! With these longer days it is the perfect time to start a new project or complete unfinished ones. And, with the Summer Sale at PAiA, your project will cost even less or you’ll be able to afford to take it the next step farther. Enhance or refurbish a device with add-ons from the Small…

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Cables! Tool Kits!

Two conductor mono cables (signal and ground)? Yes, we still use star grounding in many of our patches, but we know that many of our customers prefer to use grounded-shield cables for their patches, because it’s simple. Of course, you can use either and that’s what we’re doing here now that we’ve got these great…

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Things Afoot

We’re pleased as punch to welcome David Arms, Bass and Synth, to the technical team. Also, the inimitable Cliff Schecht, Guitar, is back for another season of intern fun on the design bench. The small changes you’ve seen in the last year (new cabling, new panels) and others behind the scene are tiny indications of…

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Rockmore Ts Are Back!

We’re happy to say that one of our favorite t’s, our Theremax t-shirt featuring the iconic Clara Rockmore in performance, is back in stock at a great new price. If you’ve been looking for that perfect gift, or (like us) you lost your shirt in the last market drop, your luck has turned! (Summer 2009 update: the market’s up, but not our…

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