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Custom Color-Coded Patch Cables

Our own custom mono 3.5mm (1/8") patch cables have color-coded molded barrels over flexible, high-quality grey cable.

Custom Color-Coded Patch Cables

These cables are unique in several ways:

  • The barrel diameter is only 9.25mm
  • Makes it easy to patch panels with the narrowest plug spacing
  • Shorter cable lengths
  • Perfect for making complex patches without a maze of extra wire
  • Color-coded barrels
  • No more sorting through cables to find the right length
  • Makes it easier to see the routing of a patch
  • Great textured feel with integral strain relief

Red barrels: 25cm long / 19cm span (9.8"/7.5")
Blue barrels: 50cm long / 44cm span (19.7"/17.3")
Green barrels: 80cm long / 74cm span (31.5"/29.1")

Sold in sets of four pre-built cables, any length, $4.75/set.

Limit six sets per order, contact us for larger orders.

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