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Building and modifying instruments is an inextricable part of musical innovation.  Our creative community is building a legacy of inventive, inspiring, surprising and sometimes very challenging work.  Sharing and communicating is essential!  PAiA will periodically update this page with links to artists, festivals, labels, and anything at all having to do with musical innovation.

Recordings & Media

(and a few other links we've been enjoying recently)

I Heart Noise Forum

Troniks puts out some of the best experimental music releases anywhere and their very active public discussion board is an outstanding place to comment, debate and learn about about upcoming shows, record releases, but also tips on where and how to DO-IT-YOURSELF.

Cementimental - Circuit Bending

A gallery of bizarre circuit-bent objects/instruments with great info on how to bend your own.  Truly inspiring.

Theremin Fantasies

Richard Wixner of Another Plane Records has released a new CD of his work with the PAiA Theremax.  He uses production effects and techniques, sampling, and some custom mods to build a soundscape that is both intriguing and thrilling.  Sample tracks from his CD Theremin Fantasies have found a very happy home on our Theremax page.

Julie Knows
Melodic Wave

Previously featured:

PAiA Crisco Duck featuring the PAiA FatMan.

Theremin Fantasies Cover