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Small, “Building Block” Kits

Building-Block Kits

We’ve decided to offer a number of kits suited for as building blocks in a more complete project.  Each of these simple kits is inexpensive and easy to build.  A few include boxes, most require a power supply (sold separately) or batteries.  This section will grow to include a number of bench circuits we’ve developed here for our own use.


  • simple audio amplifiers
  • basic preamplifiers & tone control circuits
  • various linear DC power supplies
  • mid-fidelity mono FM and optical audio links
  • VU and panel meter kits
  • digital sound recorder

Stagecraft & control

  • touch switches
  • relay logic, computer control
  • motor & light controls, strobes
  • UHF, ultrasonic and optical controllers
  • timers and counters

Support for these products will be limited, as most of our focus is on our own home-grown products, but we are here to try and help.  Also, let us know if you are looking for some small general-purpose item, we’d love to hear what you’re thinking of.

Building Block Kits



The Ultimate Starter Tool Kit

We call this the ultimate starter tool kit because it has absolutely everything you need to build electronic projects, at the lowest possible cost so that a beginner can have the tools they need without searching to gather affordable tools. This kit is custom made for us and the components are selected with great care – but for value, not for high quality.

Looking for your own tools?

All of our kits can be assembled with a basic set of tools: soldering iron, screwdriver,
cutters and pliers. We searched the market to see what we might recommend to our customers, or what we might offer as a product. We found that most of the combo tool kits available on the web contain tools that are marginal (at best), but still functional enough to build one of our kits.

We DID find a couple of cheap, fun-to-use multimeters from China that have a TON of features. Everybody here wanted one, so we had to order them. We
decided to add them to the catalog (but they’re not always in stock). Laboratory-grade they are not, but they are very much fun to use and SO CHEAP when you consider all of the functions they provide. You do NOT need a fancy multimeter to build our kits!

Check out our Multimeters

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