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FatMan Block Diagram

The FatMan analog synthesizer utilizes a MIDI to Control Voltage circuit-section for conversion of Note and Pitch Wheel messages to a Pitch CV, which sets the frequency of the VCOs, and, a Velocity CV which can be routed in an adjustable amount to the VCF and/or VCA.

Pitch and Velocity CVs and a key-down Gate signal are available on RCA jacks on the front panel.  Voltages are exponentially scaled for use with linear response synth elements.

The AR/ASR switch allows the VCF’s Envelope Generator to operate with percussion or sustain transients.  The Punch switch on the ADSR Envelope Generator adds a 20 ms. plateu to the attack peak to duplicate this characteristic of Mini-Moog transients.

 View the FatMan Analog MIDI Synth

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