Lew Bupp’s System

One of the best surprises over the years has been how much of our older gear survives and continues to be useful and interesting. Lew Bupp’s large system of restored 2720 and 4700 series modules is an example.Here’s the 1972 Radio Electronics article on the 2720 series modules.

Lew Bupp’s custom rack of classic and contemporary PAiA gear includes 2720 and 4700 series synth modules, custom patch bay and modified PAiA keyboard.

The system includes three 4780 Sequencers (Top Row) numerous 4710 VCA/BalMod, 4720 VCOs, 4730 VCFs, an assortment of 2720 series modules and several contemporary products. Lew reads email at lbupp@eagle.ycp.edu.