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Skip Murphy

From: "Murphy, Skip" <> 
Subject: A picture and a testimonial 
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 23:31:33 -0400
Dear PAIA,
Attached please find a picture you might want to hang in your 
virtual gallery. What you see is a musician friend of mine 
named Craig Padilla playing a customized handheld keyboard 
controller onstage at a recent concert in Northern California. 
The keyboard is none other than a modified 2720 (that may be 
older than the player). You can hear Craig's excellent 
electronic music (mixed through a PAIA rack mount mixer) 
at If you listen carefully to the concert recording 
that is available there, titled "Music for the Mind, Volume 2", 
you will hear the unmistakable strains of (dare I say it) 
"Orgasmatronic Glide." A feature I have found nowhere else, 
and put to stunningly good use by the talented Craig.
Note that the keyboard has been modified to fit to a customized 
plexiglas case, but you should also know that the built in 
strobe lights are not visible in this picture. The lights 
and the unusual arpeggiation, both controlled by the left hand, 
is a jaw dropping combination in a live show.
Who woulda thought!
Music machines you designed are enabling next millenium musicians 
to realize music they cannot get any other way. 
You should be very proud.
I wrote you guys a note once before some time ago. Experimenting 
in the late 70s and 80s with electronics from you fed my vocation 
as an electronics, and now computer engineer. I currently run a 
group of 14 field engineers, and have revenues of over $3M per year. 
All because I kept trying to hotrod that 2720! 
It's a weird wonderful world.
Thanks again,
Skip Murphy
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