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Visit the PAiA Talk forums for low resolution versions of manuals (perfect for screen viewing).  Downloadable copies can be found under the Documentation and User Manuals forum.

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PAiA assembly and using manuals usually consist of two sections, step-by-step assembly booklet and a separate illustrations supplement with larger detail drawings that can be referenced separately from the manual.  Documents are provided in PDF format.  Click to view or right click to download.

9305 TubeHead Assembly & Using Manual (315 kb)
9305 TubeHead Planning Set (525 kb)
TubeHead Schematic (37kb)
Theremax – Model 9505 Assembly and Using Manual (365 kb)
Theremax – Model 9505 Illustrations Supplement (1.17 mb)
6730 Vocal Zapper Assembly & Using Manual (577 kb)
9710 Assembly & Using Manual (691 kb)
9720 Dual VCO w/Modulator Assembly & Using Manual (543 kb)
9720 Illustrations Supplement (1mb)
9210 Stack-in-a-Box Schematic (66 kb)
9700 MIDI2CV8 MIDI to CV Converter Schematic (152 kb)
9605 Headphone Buffer Amp Schematic (527 kb)
9308 FatMan Analog MIDI Synth Assembly & Using Manual (350 kb)


MIDI2CV8 v2.0 Firmware Operating Modes (pdf, 34k)
MIDI2CV8 firmware files (.zip, 80k)

Selected How-To Articles by John Simonton

OZ Portable Mini Organ (1977, Radio Electronics, 984k)
Gnome – Build a Portable Synthesizer, diagram (1975, Radio Electronics,2.12MB)
Build A Modular Music Synthesizer (1973, Radio Electronics, 2.33MB)