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MIDI Converter

This freshly updated MIDI to CV converter from PAiA is an economical and versatile solution for interfacing MIDI to the world of analog synthesis and control.  It is an easy to build and use system with eight analog outputs that can be Control Voltages, Gate-triggers, Pulse-triggers, even variable amplitude pulses for triggering analog drum sets.  The newly revised firmware allows Multi assignment of notes by midi channel and a DIN sync mode that can also control of one or two synths while sync is running.

Firmware Operating Modes allow:

    • MIDI to CV Converters  Pitch and Gate control of 4 synth voices.

Either Multi (assignment of data from four midi channels) or Mono (rotational assignment of data from one midi channel) operation.

  • Pitch, Velocity and Gate control of 2 voices plus Pitch and Mod wheel CVs. Either Multi or Mono assignment can be selected.
  • Pitch, Velocity, Pitch Wheel, Mod Wheel, Release Velocity, Channel Pressure, Gate and Re-trigger.  Complete, true staccato control of one synth voice.
  • 8 CVs from Continuous Controller messages.  Controllers can be on one midi channel or separate channels.
  • Analog Drum Trigger Mode. 8 pulses by note# with pulse amplitude set by note velocity.
  • DIN Sync – 24ppq, Start, Stop and Continue PLUS simultaneous control of a single Pitch, Velocity, Gate, Wheel, Re-trigger synth voice or two multi-assigned voices with Pitch, Velcocity, and Gate.
  • Self-Test. Separate checks of midi input and analog outputs verify operation and aid in set-up and trouble-shooting.

midi2cv3The native tempering of the midi2cv8 is more than 10 octaves (127 semi-tones) of V/oct. scaled Control Voltages for MOOG, ARP and other linear CV synths.  An optional V/Hz conversion board (shown installed in the photo above) provides five octaves of exponentially scaled Control Voltages for PAiA, Korg and some Yamaha synths. Open collector transistors on each output provide for “S” and wired-or Triggers and a MIDI Thru jack allows easy expansion through daisy-chaining.

5 pin DIN connectors and keyboard style DIP switch for channel and mode selection mount on the circuit board and are included in the basic kit.  For retrofit and custom applications the midi2cv8 is supplied without case, jacks, power switch and transformer.

The FracRak accessory package shown in image includes punched, anodized and legended 2W FracRak panel, power switch, 12 VAC/300 mA. wall mount transformer and eight 1/8″ stereo phone jacks for output connections.

midi2rkThe Rack mount accessory package shown right fits two midi2cv8 boards in a 1U rack space and includes enclosed case with punched, anodized and legended rack panel, power switch, transformer and sixteen 1/8″ TRS phone jacks.

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