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MIDI Computer – CV/Trigger to MIDI Converter Boards

Midi Brain - MIDI ControllersThis 8031 based CV to MIDI converter is available with your choice of firmware for either a MIDI Fader or MIDI Drum Brain. MIDI-In and Out connectors provide easy integration into a data stream and allows multiple Brain cards to be daisy-chained in applications requiring more than eight inputs. Compact 4" X 6" form factor easily mounts in the enclosure of your choice or behind a 2W FracRak panel. Requires +5V @ 150 mA. power and there are provisions on the board for filter capacitors and voltage regulator for operation from higher voltage supplies. The 9201 MIDI Brain kit includes circuit board, MIDI Jacks all electronic parts.

MIDI Fader ExampleThe MIDI Fader firmware converts eight 0-5V inputs into MIDI Control Change, Pitch Wheel and Channel Pressure messages. A DIP Switch selects Basic Channel and contiguous groups of Continuous Controllers. Input sources can be simply potentiometer voltage dividers or CVs from Keyboards or alternative controllers. No external processing is usually required, as shown in the example. This is the 9201FK in the price list below.

The Drum Brain firmware converts trigger pulses from eight analog percussion sensors into MIDI Note On/Off and Velocity data. With appropriate interface circuitry sensors can be either Piezo Disks, Force Sensing Resistors or Electret Mics . The DIP switch selects Basic Channel,1 of 8 sensor-to-MIDI-Note# maps (one user programmable) and exponential or linear Velocity response. This is the 9201DK in the list.

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