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PAiA Crisco Duck

Submitted by David Wright, Nov. 2006

Paia Crisco Duck is a collaboration between David Wright, Kendall James and Erik Marnik.



David reports that the idea came up on the long voyage to the seventh continent on the U.S. Patriot Unicorn. On the long trip they discussed the pure shining beacon of glory that was the PAiA FatMan and comments they had seen on the internet saying it was a one trick pony. They felt the need to show that the FatMan could be used to synthesize most of the needed hard-rock soundset.

Dave’s story continues that when they arrived at their Antarctic retreat, they recorded the songs that we cherish today. Soon after the recording a shape-shifting, jelly-huffing witch penguin broke into the compound and destroyed everything except the Paia FatMans — which are now stranded near the Bay of Winds, Antarctica.

Dave Wright is known for his recording project Not Breathing. He uses the following PAiA equipment live and in studio: PAiA FatMan, 9700 Modular (in MOTM format), quad 5700 Drum Synths, Theremax, Gnome, Strings and Things, Hot Springs reverb, most all Craig Anderson projects and (reportedly) the Electronic Wind Chime.

Kendall James and his wife Carrie-Ann record as Vesica Piscis using a Paia 9700 modular in Frakrack format and PAiA FatMan. Erik Marnik records as Belve.

“I would be honored to appear on the Paia site! I’m also glad you like the Paia Crisco Duck project! The idea arose between the three of us chatting on the internet and we all had Paia FatMans. We did the bass/drums/ melodies all separate mulitracking. We would send files back and forth. It is really hard to do the drums on the fatman! :)”

David Wright
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