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6720KP Quadrafuzz (minus US-type power source)

This sophisticated fuzz designed by Craig Anderton splits an instrument signal into four specially equalized channels and fuzzes each channel separately for the smoothest, cleanest sustaining sound with minimum harshness. Fuzz outputs are normalized to a single output but are also available at individual output jacks. Panel controls include separate level and resonance controls for each channel, effects loop send and receive jacks and foot switch input. If you're tired of the same old fuzz and want something that will let you realize an entire palette of distinctive sounds ... here it is.

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The QuadraFuzz is an updated version of a featured project in Projects for Guitarists. This version of the kit does not include U.S. wall-mount power supply. 12 VAC wall-mount transformer can be 300mA to 1000mA (1A).

Read Quadrafuzz Design Analysis by Craig Anderton.

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Price: $87.70
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