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6730K Vocal Zapper Kit

Want to practice and improve your singing, feel like a rock star for a few minutes, or just have fun at your next party? The Vocal Zapper is just the thing. This low cost device can be used with any conventional stereo system to remove the lead vocal from most stereo records and tapes. Plug in almost any dynamic microphone and you're ready to put your voice where the lead singer was. And there are more serious uses too. With the lead vocal gone you can hear and study harmony parts you've never known about before. Some singers have used the Vocal Zapper to make demo tapes featuring their voice in place of another singers. This easy to use, easy to build kit includes circuit board, all parts, front panel and step-by-step instructions.

Vocal Zapper Kit includes circuit board all electronic parts, switches, jacks and punched, anodized and screen printed front panel. Requires two 9 volt batteries (not included).

Want to know more? Check out the How It Works & FAQ page.

Price: $44.45
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