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6740K Hot Springs Reverb Kit

You know the problems with spring reverbs - nearly all of them are twangy, boingy, bassy, boomy and noisy.  But, the Hot Springs is none of these.

Craig Anderton's innovative design incorporates some of the same tricks that are used to "hot rod" guitar pickups.  Instead of a single reverb tank, this design uses two tanks with the input and output transducers connected in such a way that the original audio as well as "sproings" and "boings" are canceled out leaving only clean multiple echoes and reflections.

The second trick is to drive the input transducers with a current source for equal drive at high and low frequencies.  This emphasizes the bright high end and de-emphasizing the muddy, bassy sound typical of spring reverbs to produce a clarity usually associated with expensive studio plate systems.

Finally, the connection of the output coils doubles the overall output level so the recovery amp can have lower gain, significantly improving Signal-to-Noise ratio.  The end result is a very high quality analog reverb system that offers an attractive combination of high performance and low cost.

View Hot Springs Reverb Schematic

Price: $121.45
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