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9215K Dual Phantom Power Pre-AmpKit


Image shown includes optional case.

You already know that Condenser Microphones offer a sonic transparency that you can't get with their Dynamic counterparts, but how do you use them?  Your mixer has Mic inputs, but Condenser Mics need phantom power and have balanced outputs, features that are usually only available on the most expensive consoles.

There's no need to buy a new mixer just because you found a good deal on an AKG 414.  This pre-amp provides phantom power, adjustable gain up to 60 dB and converts balanced inputs into single ended outputs.  Its two identical sections can be used with any kind of Condenser Mic.

It's low noise, low distortion and, at less than $35/channel, low cost.  The kit comes with wall mount power supply and precision metal film resistors where needed.

View full schematic.

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  • The optional case provides an attractive and compact home for the electronics.  There is no rack mount version of this kit.
Price: $82.70
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