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9505K Theremax Theremin Electronic Kit ONLY

In addition to the traditional mellow sine-like tone, Theremax theremin provides a square wave output that is rich in harmonics and ideal for use with external filters and processors.  And, to control outboard units, there are Control Voltage outputs for pitch and volume.  A convenient foot switch input allows muting the internal tone source without disabling the CVs.

But, Theremax's most unique features are its Velocity Control Voltage (proportional to the rate-of-change of volume) and Gate/Trigger outputs.  Internally, Velocity is wired so that it can produce transient asymmetrical distortions in the output, and when used with external filters provides a wide pallet of expressive possibilities.  Gate/Trigger signals are compatible with most analog synthesizers and CVs may be used with either V/Hz. or V/oct. scaling.

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Panel Controls are conveniently grouped at the front of the instrument to minimize unwanted interactions during set-up.  Tech-heads will appreciate the use of four r.f. oscillators to maximize sensitivity and provide wide dynamic range, as shown in the schematic and design analysis.

The Theremax kit includes all electronic parts, knobs, wire, circuit board, 12 VDC wall mount Power Supply.  Kit does NOT include case.

  • Want to build your own case?  Check out the PAiA Talk Technical Bulletins and Assembly Notes for Theremax and Theremax FAQ.

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