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9506KP MS Stereo Mic Kit International


Image shown includes the 9506C case accessory item. To order case, click here.

The PAiA MS Stereo Microphone produces a spacious, airy stereo image that's ideal for recording acoustic instruments. And if you initially record "too much" stereo you can reduce spread, or even take the mix to mono, with no danger of frequency dependent phase cancellations changing the timbre.

Mid-Side (MS) microphone placement for stereo recording is a favorite trick in high end studios. It's used less often in project studios because it requires expensive dual element condenser microphones and an elaborate mixing board. The PAiA MS Stereo Mic uses three high quality electret microphone elements and analog mixing and matrixing circuits to produce a compact and inexpensive Mid-Side (MS) Stereo Microphone.

Side and Mid level controls set stereo spread at the mic's Left and Right outputs. Outputs are adjustable from 4dB line level down to low level and are balanced on 1/4" TRS jacks. Mono plugs can be used for unbalanced connections and cables.

This version of the kit does NOT include the U.S. wall-mount power supply. 12VAC wall-mount transformer can be 300mA to 1000mA (0.3 to 1A).

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