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K141 Multi Mode Timer


The timer controls a 12V relay with 120V/10A contacts. An opto-isolator protects the input trigger.

  1. The timer has seven timing modes:
  2. Instant On, Delayed Off, Level Triggered
  3. Instant On, Delayed Off, Edge Triggered
  4. Delayed On
  5. Instant On and Hold, Delayed Off
  6. Toggling
  7. Instant On, Delayed Off, with Pause
  8. Delayed On, with Pause
  • Timer precision:
  • 1 - 255 seconds in steps of 1 second
  • 10 - 2550 seconds (42min 30sec) in 10sec steps
  • 1- 255 minutes in 1 minute steps
  • 10 - 2550 minutes (42hr 30min) in 10 minute steps
  • Timing accuracy: +/- 0.01%

The circuit requires a +12Vdc supply (not included).

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