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K50 25W Mono Audio Amplifier

25W Hi-Fi audio ampifier module. This kit contains the essential components to build a high-power (25W @ 8 Ohms, 0.02% THD) mono audio amplifier using the LM1875 IC. The kit requires a heatsink (not supplied) and a +/- 24VDC power supply. The power supply does not need to be regulated, our kit 114 is a good source for this power - but you will still need to provide a 60VA transformer with a 35V CT secondary (not provided) to drive the kit 114 input at full power. Check out the instruction sheet, this is a great project but it requires some foot work.

The LM1875 is a workhorse - check out the data sheet. Wide range of operating voltages, high supply noise rejection, 4-Ohm to 8-Ohm speaker impedance with low distortion. A good building block circuit.


Read product sheet PDF.

Read the LM1875 data sheet PDF.

View the K50 schematic.

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