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K68 Adjustable Voltage Power Supply

This is a basic adjustable-voltage power supply using the popular three pin regulator, LM317T. You can select any voltage between 1.5V and 30V using a potentiometer. The LM317T is rated at 1.5A so you must use a larger heat sink when drawing high currents, or when using this supply to provide a low output voltage with a high input voltage.

This kit requires an unregulated AC or DC input voltage (Transformer/Power Pack available separately). An unregulated DC input voltage must be 3V higher than the highest regulated DC output (for 1.5 - 30V operation, use a 33VDC input), an AC input voltage should be 2V higher than the regulated DC output voltage (for 1.5 - 30V operation, use a 32VAC input).

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