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PAiA Service Policy

Getting your PAiA equipment up and running is easy — almost all calibration can be done by ear.  If you have problems, free technical support by e-mail (best) or telephone is available and having your equipment serviced by us is easy and inexpensive.  Including photos of the top and bottom sides of the board, and, control wiring/connections (in good light and focus), in an email message is often the fastest route to resolving trouble as possible corrective advice can be provided in a reply.  

With only a few exceptions (noted below), we will lovingly service and adjust your PAiA kit at the rate of $40/hr. ($20 minimum) plus postage and insurance.

Here are the exceptions:

  • If we find that your kit is damaged beyond repair (use of acid-core solder or unfathomable corrosion, extensive damage from use of a soldering gun, broken circuit card, etc.) we will return it to you as received with our deepest regrets, but at no charge to you — and we’ll pay the return postage.  We also ask that you have followed the instruction manual to your best ability.  If you have changed the circuit (unusual wiring, different components) making it more difficult to fix, we may contact you to make other arrangements.

For older kits:

  • Electronic circuits age.  The reliable lifespan (age when defects begin to increase with time) of most semiconductors is 10 years.  Replacement parts may not be available.
  • The reliable lifespan of a solder joint is less than 10 years.  Repair for older equipment usually begins with resoldering every connection, a time-consuming process.
  • Older 4700 and 2700-series cases are very expensive to properly pack and ship.  We always suggest that you remove the modules and ship those for repair, keeping the cases at home.

If you are interested in having your older PAiA equipment serviced, please contact us for information and instructions for return.

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