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How Tubes Work

Operating tubes at low plate voltages exaggerates natural warming distortions … Fig. 3 shows a typical triode vacuum tube.  Because of the Edison Effect, heat from the filament causes free electrons to boil off of an oxide coating on the cathode.  A positive voltage on the plate attracts the electrons and the moving electrons produce…

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Tube MicPre Mods

Dynamic Mics It is fairly obvious that the circuit shown above adapts the TMP’s XLR input to the increasingly popular 1/4″ balanced lines, but there is more here than immediately meets the eye.  Notice that the sleeve of a MONO phone plug grounds the ring of the STEREO jack and consequently the inverting input of…

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Tube Sound?

In the golden age of analog sound every link in the chain introduced warming distortions … If you’ve done any reading about tube amps you’ve probably noticed that much of the legendary “warmth” is attributed to the differences in the way tubes and transistors respond to overload signals.  I believe this is true, as far…

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