P9700S updates, c. 2002, 2014

Information on the PAiA 9700 Series modules and systems.
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P9700S updates, c. 2002, 2014

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Updates Thru 2014


P9700S system power-related updates c. 2002

9700k MIDI2CV8
For this module in a P9700S system, updates to it are to have CMOS
varieties of the uController and EPROM. These are denoted by a C in the
middle of the part number, ie 80C31 and 27C64. Another power saving change is
replacing the 10k resistors at Rs 34-37 with 100k. The wall mount transformer for
a 9700k in the P9700S is now specified as 12vac/1A or 13vac/800mA.
Capacitors Cs 19 and 21 have been updated to the higher value of 2200uF to
ensure the dc voltages to the modules are at least 15v (the V+ and V- DC supplies
from the 9700 wind up being in a 16-18V the way the AC gets rectified/filtered).

Other Modules
There are also some minor changes on the 9710, 9720, and 9730 modules to
improve their dc filtering and reduce their power consumption. The input filter
capacitors C1 and C2 on each module are now 470uF. Resistor changes to the VCA
and VCF modules are as follows:

9710 - R85 from 18k to 15k, R95 from 10k to 2200ohm.
9730 - Rs 59 and 60 from 2200ohm to 5600ohm. R56 from 680 to 3300 ohms.

Scott Lee