assembly manual notes / supplemental images

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assembly manual notes / supplemental images

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The tanks now included with this are a substitute and functional equivalent for those specified in the parts list.


Short (9 ¾") 3 Spring Unit, Medium Decay (1.75 to 3.0s)
Input Impedance 800 Ohms, Output Impedance 2575 Ohms
Input Insulated/Output Grounded
Horizontal Mounting Plane, Open Side Down

The dual-polarity DC power supply for the kit may be 12 or 15 volts, regulated. Two-nine volts could even be used temporarily. A dual-polarity DC supply is with a positive supply with respect to a 0v ground/circuit-common, and, a negative supply. Imagine two DC supplies, series-connected and with the mid-point connected as ground/circuit-common, the free plus pole is positive DC and the free minus pole is negative DC.

The images below are examples of the wiring needed for connection with a power supply and line-level audio input and output signals (i.e., a mixer reverb or effect send and return patch points).

top-view image

bottom-view image
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