PAiA 4782 Road Keyboard

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PAiA 4782 Road Keyboard

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Thanks Cynthia G.!

"I finally got back to restoring the old PAiA 2720/4700 keyboard.

I had to rebuild the supply and the glide from the ground up.

The transformer is original but all other supply components are new as is the glide circuit.

I was considering redesigning the supply with voltage regulators but it did not have them to begin with and this project wasn't brain surgery so I left that idea alone.

The S&H board was fine but had many components missing due to me cannibalizing it two years ago when I restored the 2720 modules so I restored all it's components thanks to Mouser and Jameco.

The 748 op amps are at end of life status but Mouser still had a few in stock.
Surprisingly the key bed is good and gold contacts are in tact though seen better days.

This was a labor of love!"


Scott Lee