Cello Populus

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Cello Populus

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Dolf wrote:

I'm writing to let you know about ANALOG's release "Cello Populus."
ANALOG member, Dariusz Skoraczewski has worked with us for over half a
year to record and produce Cello Populus. Mr. Skoraczewski is the
Assistant Principal Cellist of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, a
member of Monument Piano Trio, and frequent performer with the ANALOG
arts ensemble. His recording "Cello Populus" is an intimate set of
solo cello recordings, featuring music of the 20th and 21st centuries.
The music explores the full sonic range of the modern cello. Recorded
during the winter, the album is a labor of love by a busy orchestral
musician who set aside some time to reconnect with his instrument.

We are so pleased to be presenting another recording! I'd like to
make you a special offer to purchase our latest recording at a special
rate for ANALOG supporters. The CD regularly sells for a retail of
$17.99, plus shipping. Please consider buying a few at a special
price of $15 per CD. Plus, if you include a tax-deductible
contribution of $10 or more to the ANALOG (501c3) organization, we
will pay for the shipping to the continental USA.

You can even hear a portion of the CD online at www.ANALOGarts.org/cello

Please consider adding your tax-deductible contribution as it will
further our capabilities to bring out more high-quality recordings of
our artists' work.

To order your special CD, you can contact me directly at 443 977 6063,
by mail, or by email. We accept all major forms of payment. Please
make checks payable to:

2707 E Strathmore Ave.
Baltimore MD 21214

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you!

Dolf Kamper
Co-Artistic Director, ANALOG
443 977 6063
Scott Lee