EPFM kits, printed-circuit-boards, parts

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EPFM kits, printed-circuit-boards, parts

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For the sake of keeping our website order items more manageable, and to be better prepared for making kits available, we have stopped listing printed-circuit-boards and parts as separately available items.

Then, for the projects in the EPFM book, we used to get these made locally with silk-screen technique using films of board art, but now we get boards from manufacturers that want to see computer files and to get the designs in this form, we must do them anew. A few have been done, CA6 Ultra-fuzz, CA-9 Ring Modulator, and CA-24 Tube Sound Fuzz, but the others are simmering on the back-burner for now. It is unclear as to when we will get the others back again, but as they appear, we will post them on our site.

The good thing about these projects is that they can be built on an IC experimenter's board such as this type offered by RadioShack,

http://www.radioshack.com/products/univ ... 5717555141

The board linked above is not available from the online site, but this is another option:


using more up-to-date parts for the older ones listed in the Electronic Projects for Musicians book (ie 5532 for 4739 and NSL-32 for CLM6000). Craig shows examples of the way these can be housed in the photos associated with the various projects. In the first several chapters of the book, general electronics info and construction techniques are covered. There are also chapters describing powering the circuits, connecting bypass switches, and using a multitester (vom, dvm, etc). In final chapters of the book he discusses using wall-mount dc adapters as a power source and adapting these, or battery power, for the dual-dc supplies required by many of the projects. Also, a system of the kits is shown fitted in a chassis that is not too different than our FR-7, Fractional Rack-mount chassis enclosure.

In the meantime, we have this new series of low-cost, simple circuit-board project kits.


Thank you. Sincerely, Scott Lee
Scott Lee