9700VHZ option, P9700S & FatMan

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9700VHZ option, P9700S & FatMan

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> Daniel Greenwood wrote:
> alright...I am addicted. Just got a Fatman from you folks and
> within 6 hours I had it built,working, and a few of the mods
> done. This was my first kit and I had a fantastic time
> building it. Thank you for putting together such a nifty kit.
> Anyhoo, reading your website I was looking at the modules that
> you have available and was wondering it the option for v/hz
> scaling for the midi2cv converter module is still available. I
> did not see it on the site.
> Thank you
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> Hello Daniel.
> Great! Way to go!
> We have run-dry on the vhz option boards for the 9700 MIDI2CV8:
> We are out of stock on the printed circuit board item used for the
> option and it is likely a new converter will be introduced before we
> go back to the 9700VHZ option. The function exists within the EPROM
> Firmware; however, it is only activated when the option
> printed-circuit-board is added. It wouldn't be too difficult to
> build one on a DIP IC experimenter's board and wire it in as a
> substitute VHZ option. The schematic and phantom image of the board
> is in the 9700K manual. The circuit uses a 4051 IC, some NPN
> transistors, resistors, and trims. RadioShack has these boards for
> wiring IC circuits:
https://www.radioshack.com/collections/ ... 0332059973
> You can scroll down to the second page of the MIDI2CV8 schematic and
> see the vhz circuit option here:
> midi2sch.pdf (application/pdf Object)
> <http://www.paia.com/prodimages/midi2sch.pdf>
> Did you realize you have vhz output for Pitch CV along with a
> Velocity CV and Gate-trigger, converted from the MIDI input and
> available at the rca connectors on FatMan?
> Thanks. --Scott

Daniel Greenwood wrote:
> I did....but it seems this whole thing got me thinking about building an actual modular...and I would really want to include the Fatman as part of that rig. My intention was to begin building the 9700 modules and incorporate the Fatman into that. As I understand it, the are scaled differently...the fatman being v/hz and the 9700 being v/oct. If i am wrong on this, please correct me. Iw as thinking I could build the midi2cv converter with the option and use that to control basically everything, well....I think you get it. Am I heading in the right direction here?

Hello Daniel.

The trouble with using the MIDI2CV8 for both types of cv scaling is that two are needed. This is why we make the rack-chassis to hold two. There are some different resistors installed and the path between the voltage and the de-multiplexing circuitry is tapped and the vhz option, inserted. It has many wires to it too, so switching from one type to the other isn't so practical.

But, with a P9700S and the FatMan, a MIDI cable can link the two and the audio interconnected or mixed to sound as one. The Thru connector could pass the MIDI control from one on to the other and they could be sounded as a single device on a MIDI Channel, or addressed on separate channels. Having FatMan integrated with a P9700S would allow the VCO A to operate as an LFO yet there would still be a total of three VCOs and multiple envelope modulators and filters. The L and R VCA sections could provide the mix with VCA A working to envelope the final audio output. Or, sent to an external mix for the two audio channels, the two could play separate parts via two MIDI Channels.

Thanks again. --Scott
Scott Lee