5730 Gator tips and suggestions

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5730 Gator tips and suggestions

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Hey guys,

So I dug the ole' Gator out and put it back together. I must have built this thing in High School when I was first learning to solder, cuz the board is UGLY. I am a little suprised that it actually works. :o

I pinged Scott to see if he would post the manual for it up on PAiA talk, and he said it is on the TODO list, but may not happen soon. However, he did send the me the schem (Thanks Scott!).

I do need a gate, and the current economic situation doesn't allow me to go get a BOSS NS-1, so I am thinking that this will have to do.

My main complaint is that there is a very audible noise when the gate kicks in. It sounds like a faint kick drum.

I wired in a power jack and gave that a shot. It helped a bit. (I think my battery may have been weak) as I was able to reduce the 'pop' by backing off of the level, but it is still there.

Since I never intend on using the "ext. trigger" jack, I removed it, and will instead use the hole in the enclosure to mount the DC jack.

If I read the schematic correctly, once I remove the ext. input jack, I then need to wire lug 1 of the threshold directly to "H". Right? This is because the "Ext. Trigger" jack is a "closed circut jack" so it looks like they are connected when there isn't anything plugged in.

I am also noticing that even with the threshold down all the way, the gate still kicks in a bit early for my taste.

Mark Hammer has suggested:
I encourage you to experiment with fixed resistors in series with the input and ground lugs of the Threshold control.

Do I need to do this in pairs? (One for input and one to ground)? It looks like the threshold is a 250k pot, what if I just increase that to a 500k? Will that basically to the same thing?

Also - to make it true bypass, I am going to remove S1 the "cancel" switch, and wire my stomp switch between the input "I" and the output "A". Does that look right?

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!


Hello Dan.

I'd say keep the bypass as is to avoid getting into a new situation of the dc at the output being there, then not with a mechanical bypass.

I have attached tips and suggestions and a copy of the schematic. I think this should be helpful to you until I can get the manual scanned and posted. Now posted here: paia.com/talk/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=140
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