9201FK as cv to MIDI converter

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9201FK as cv to MIDI converter

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Hello Andrew.

Thanks for checking. We have a circuit board project kit for a cv to MIDI converter called the 9201FK MIDI Fader. It was planned to be in a box with sliders to work as controls for MIDI devices, but didn't ever make it into production. If you get the kit, you'll see the assembly instruction manual for the circuit board kit is titled MIDI Drum Computer, but once built with the MIDI Fader version of firmware, it converts 0-5v dc levels to MIDI Control Change, Pitch Wheel, and Channel Pressure messages. Attached is the supplemental information provided with the MIDI Fader EPROM firmware which details the way the eight cv inputs relate to the MIDI messages. For the 0-5v input range the MIDI values range 0-127. Another kit, the 9212K ProcAmp circuit board project is a perfect companion to the either version of the MIDI Drum Computer board as it works as a power supply and sensor conditioner. Coupled with the 9201FK, it work as eight variable voltage controls or as level controls for external dc voltage ranges such as the control voltages available from the PAiA 9505 Theremax theremin.



If you need MIDI note messages to be sent in response to voltages sent to the 9201 board, it must be the 9201DK version. Mainly, it would work to send drum voice control in response to sensor strikes, but the gate-trigger output from Theremax going into the 9201DK would result in MIDI note messages for the activity. It would just be a single note according to the input to which the trigger is connected. A 9201 set-up each way would be best since it's not practical changing from one version to the other.

Alternatively, you could stay in the analog realm and connect the PAiA P9700S modular synthesizer package to be controlled by Theremax. It could sound the patches on the modular, or, process external audio and voltage through the voltage-controlled Filter and/or Amplifier/Modulator/Mixer.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Scott Lee
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Andrew Cooke wrote:
> Hi There,
> I'm interested in converting the CV output from a theremin into midi to control Live. You were mentioned on the Boingboing blog as having such a device but I can't find it on your website. I am a bit of a novice though so maybe I've missed it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Andrew Cooke.
Scott Lee