Electronic Projects for Musicians, Spluffer

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Electronic Projects for Musicians, Spluffer

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Does your company sell a kit for this?




Hello Peter.

Thanks for checking with us. Our kit for the Spluffer project 26 from Craig Anderton's book Electronic Projects for Musicians is one in the series that's on a back-burner for now.

It is unclear when we might have the Spluffer kit again, but I will save this message as a reminder to send an email with any news.

The good thing about these projects is that they can be built on an IC experimenter's board such as this type offered by RadioShack,

http://www.radioshack.com/product/index ... age=family <http://www.radioshack.com/product/index ... age=family>

using more up-to-date parts for the older ones listed in the Electronic Projects for Musicians book (ie 5532 for 4739 and NSL-32 for CLM6000). Craig shows examples of the way these can be housed in the photos associated with the various projects. In the first several chapters of the book, general electronics info and construction techniques are covered. The examples for using the 4558 or 5558 op-amps in place of the 4739 are pertinent to the 5532 too. There are also chapters describing powering the circuits, connecting bypass switches, and using a multitester (vom, dvm, etc). In final chapters of the book he discusses using wall-mount dc adapters as a power source and adapting these, or battery power, for the dual-dc supplies required by many of the projects. Also, a system of the kits is shown fitted in a chassis that is not too different than our FR-7, Fractional Rack-mount chassis enclosure.

The 9605 Headphone Buffer Amp 9605K

is essentially the same circuit and with some minor changes could be made to be exactly the same but with less space--the 9605 board is about 1" square. The stereo (TipRingSleeve) connector shown could be substituted with two mono (TipSleeve) connectors, or, a stereo plug used to 'breakout' to two jacks, or, a combination of outputs all wired to the same Tip Ring and Sleeve wiring points so it can be used with 1/4" phones, 1/8" phones, or individual buffered-splits, Output1 and Output2.
Scott Lee