using the 9201FK to convert CV to MIDI

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using the 9201FK to convert CV to MIDI

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Hello Steven.

Yes, but the sequencer events will be converted as MIDI control change messages. Maybe these will work for you.

Our 9201FK project kit for getting cv to MIDI is only for Control Change messages, ie Modulation Wheel, Volume, Data Slider, Portamento time, etc... (but also includes Pitch Wheel and Channel Pressure messages (sub'ed for Continuous Controller numbers 1 and 3)). The other version, the 9201DK is for getting pulses input to it, converted to specific MIDI note messages (as set by one of eight preset Maps (map eight can be re-programmed with a MIDI keyboard as input)). It's primary use is as a MIDI drum machine or drum sound interface. The MIDI Fader is for getting control over mixes or just general MIDI-remote control applications.
With the 9201FK you could get some function from it by sending the MIDI device a note on message, then sending the sequencer voltage to the Pitch Wheel cv input to be sent to this same device (sounding the MIDI note) to work it as if a Pitch Wheel is being rolled or stepped by the sequencer.

The 9201DK inputs could be pulsed by event triggers from a sequencer to its MIDI notes are sent. These notes could be preset by asserting the Re-map function for map#8 (and sending in the notes from a MIDI keyboard).

This is a companion board to the 9201DK, but it would be useful with the 9201FK too.

Otherwise, keep an eye out on the PAiA site for any future products for getting analog signals to MIDI. There isn't anything slated for release but it is something that would fit into our product line.

Thank you. Sincerely, Scott Lee

Steven Brenner wrote:
> Will this kit work with a analog 16 step sequencer that has cv and gate output if so you gat a sale?
> Steven Brenner
Scott Lee