PAiA 3750 Programmable Drum Set

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PAiA 3750 Programmable Drum Set

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Hello and thank you for writing.

The 3750 Programmable Drum Set was discontinued back in the '80s. We still have manuals archived that can be photocopied and the charge for this is $15. We're in the process of getting old manuals scanned so we can post them online, but this could be a while yet.
There are two connectors on the rear, a 1/4" phone jack for connection to a line or auxiliary input on an amp/speaker, etc., and a pin (tip) jack for optional connection with external sync pulses (direct).
There were a few versions of the kit related to the memory. The original one had two 2112 (256 x 4)--that's 256 bit, not Kbit, Mbit, or Gbit, or byte. There was a short run of them with piggy-back boards putting lower-power 5101 CMOS 256x4 static ram ICs in place of the 2112 types. Then, a version 3750LP with the 5101 type RAM right on the board in place of the 2112s.

With the case bottom off, you should see two battery snaps. One is over in the 3900 drum tone oscillator section and attaches a 9V for the extra voltage needed for the noise source, and the other is near the front edge and for connection with a 4-AA cell holder.

When power is applied, you should hear a burst of noise at the audio output. The trimpots on the board should be set just below the point they let a continuous sound through to the output.

Touch the reset pad and press the Program switch. The Program LED should light. Touch drum sounds and you hear them as they enter into memory (or a rest). Touch Repeat, Reset, and then Play and the program will play over and over. Adjust the tempo to suit.

Oh, and the Tempo control is also the power switch. Turn it all the way past the snap at the minimum setting to switch the power off.

The Bridge is programmed by touching Bridge and Reset at the same time to latch on the Bridge LED, then Program followed by the sequence of drums/rests. On playback, the bridge pad may be touched and the bridge program will start at the end of the score pattern. Before switching power off, select the Save feature to retain any programming.

Thanks again. Sincerely, Scott Lee

Here is info about getting manual copies...

There is a $15 per manual charge for kit assembly/using manuals. Since we don't have manuals as an item on our website shopping cart,
we must ask that you mail, email, fax or telephone a credit card
order. Please specify the manual you need and include your billing
name, address, telephone, email, credit card number, expiration
date, v code and the shipping details if different.

We have two offices, but both use the same telephone numbers:

Phone: +1 (405) 340-6300

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multipass wrote:
> Hi. I have a PAIA Programmable Drum Set 3750A and no instruction manual or schematics for it. I was wondering if PAIA still keeps these around or if they are available online as I am not able to find them anywhere. Thank you.
Scott Lee