Enclosure for Quadrafuzz?

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Enclosure for Quadrafuzz?

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Hello Lem.

Thanks for contacting PAiA with an interest in the 6720 Quadrafuzz. No, the panel is not included with order item 6720K, the circuit board and electronics kit. I have copied some background information below. Note however, it does now include a wall-mount transformer as a power source, so it is only the kit and panel items needed to build an operational Quadrafuzz. A cabinet or casing is still an option left to you.

Thank you.
Sincerely, Scott Lee


Some of the rack-mount kits are from back at a time we had a rack-mount road-case that could be used to hold a power supply unit and multiple, rack-mount devices. In the series was the Vocoder, Quadrafuzz, a Parametric EQ, a Dual Limiter, the Hyperflange+, Master Synchronizer, a Power Supply, etc... All these devices were made with the intent of connection to this external, regulated, dual-dc power supply (or some other functional equivalent).

So, when ordering one of these kit and panel accessory items, you have the pieces to make the kit mounted to a rack-mount panel. Wires connect this unit to a power supply (use our 9770R-12 or 9770R-15, or similar).

Building the kit and panel with a power supply would result in a board fixed to the rack-panel and wires to the power supply board with wires from it to a wall-mounted ac transformer. The installation in a case, chassis, cabinet, etc. would be left to you. A piece of wood or cardboard can hold the pieces steady and prevent the solder side of the boards from touching anything that might cause trouble for testing and or subsequent use. In the not too distant future, we plan to introduce wood rack cabinets again. Until then, rack-mount road cases are available at music equipment sellers and could be used to finish things off, but can be pricey. Parts-express.com or Mouser.com have some choices. Project boxes can be found at RadioShack, Mouser.com, Jameco.com, Digikey.com, etc...


Lem Linder wrote:
> Does the Quadrafuzz kit include an enclosure?
> http://www.paia.com/proddetail.asp?prod=6720KP&cat=14
> ... or does a panel need to be ordered separately?
> http://www.paia.com/proddetail.asp?prod=6720FP
> Thanks,
> Lem Linder
Scott Lee