PAiA 9308 FatMan, desktop, DIP Switch installation

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PAiA 9308 FatMan, desktop, DIP Switch installation

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John McKiever wrote:
> Hey Scott,
> Regarding the dip switch component
> How do I orientate it, should the 1 or the 8 be closest to the edge of the board? Any soldering tips when soldering a component on the back of the board?
> Thanks!!
> John

Hello John.

The DIP Switch works to either connect opposite pins on each row (On or Closed), or not (Off or Open). On the top side of the board, there are markings which show the four sections towards the edge of the board are the ones for the MIDI Channel select and all On selects Channel 1 (the other four are not used and can be set either way). These four sections have 'weights' of 1 2 4 and 8 going in from the edge (add one to the combined weight), or, a chart in the manual shows the settings for the switche sections according to MIDI Channel. So, it is best to make section 1 nearest the edge of the board so the chart is applicable.
The desktop case version of the kit should be supplied with a DIP switch which has legs that bend into the plane of the part similar to an IC, but if a type with the legs exiting the bottom of the part is substituted, it is important to space the part up off the board as far as possible to ensure there is space for contact with the soldering iron tip. Note too, it helps to flow a tiny bit of solder to the pads before installing the part. The trick here is to be sparing so the hole is not covered. Pre-soldering the pads like this lessens the amount of heat needed to flow the joint with the soldering iron tip just poking in at the legs/pad. A strip of cardboard or doubled-up (side-by-side) lengths of wire can be used as a temporary shim to space the part away from the board as it is soldered in place.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Scott Lee
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