Experiment to Modify a FatMan to be Modular

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Experiment to Modify a FatMan to be Modular

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I've had a FatMan for a while and after recently buying and building a PAiA 9700S, I decided to do an experiment with the FatMan. My idea was to convert it with in/out jacks for every section to make it act like a modular synthesizer using patch cables, like the 9700S.

I started with Scott Lee's document, FM Gate Input 423.pdf in PAiA 9308 FatMan modifications section showing a CD4001 circuit to make it operate independently of the 8031 µC.

Here are some photos I did while testing.

EG Breadboard Test

Breadboard and Jack Panel Wired

There is a full PDF of the project at viewtopic.php?f=15&t=815

Thanks for looking!
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Re: Experiment to Modify a FatMan to be Modular

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Beautiful, Peter. All nice and tidy!
Scott Lee
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