ticking in roctave divider

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ticking in roctave divider

Post by BoojiBoy »

Hello Scott,
I hope y'all had a nice Thanksgiving with you and yours.Thanks for the response,via email. to my inquiery to the ticking in my Roctave divider pedal. (The build is based on a PCB purchased fro Jd SLEEPS GENERAL GUITAR GADGETS site.) I was wondering if you got the images. I A refresher." is it the 5760 Roctave Divider you are referencing?

The 5760 has a flip-flop "logic" IC use for the divided outputs and if there is noise on the input of the device, it could be sensed as input and resulting in random clicking output as the flip-flop toggles. Grounding the input should prevent this if it is noise from the pick-ups or cable. An assembly error, part failure or trouble on the board (cold or unsoldered joint, backwards capacitor, broken part/pcb-pad-trace, etc...) could be the culprit too.

If you can send photos of the top and bottom I might be able to spot the trouble and reply with advice.

Thanks! -- Scott"
Did you want the images posted here as well?- Booj
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Re: ticking in roctave divider

Post by PAiA-Scott »

The solder joint at the lower left in the image linked below looks to be one with the resistor leg, bent over against the pad, and the solder floating on top -- resulting in the two wires touched together but not joined as "one", or, a marginal joint.

Images can be deceptive, but it wouldn't hurt to remove the solder from all the circled joints and do them again.

If not noise from the input connection or getting in the signal path through the unit, it might be some sort of instability in the power section.

"Roctave Divider", revisited, soldering
Scott Lee
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