maximum length of module power cord?

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maximum length of module power cord?

Post by James »

What is the maximum length power cord I can make from the 9771-15 to a module, taking into consideration, dc voltage drop?

Can I just use a standard voltage drop spec for the size of AWG wire used in the 9790 power connector kit?
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Re: maximum length of module power cord?

Post by PAiA-Scott »

The 9790 Power Cables can be the full supplied length for 9700 series modules without any troubles. If you are making your own and need more length, consider using two sets of wires. Avoid putting VCOs or Preamps which rely on stiffer, cleaner supply voltages out at the ends of longer than usual cables. Modules with higher current flows are best on normal length (18" or less #22ga.) cables.
Scott Lee
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