The Elusive D Taper Potentiometer - Found

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The Elusive D Taper Potentiometer - Found

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I wanted to share this info for anyone out there who may have been looking for "D Curve" potentiometers, which can be found on some guitars and other musical gear. To make my search even more difficult, I was looking for a mini potentiometer with the D curve specs.

After combing many electronics places, I could not locate any "D Curve" potentiometers, let alone find anyone who knew what one was.
Some forums have discussions about them, but that's about it.
A "D Curve" has 10% output at 50% rotation, while the "A Curve" is at about 15-20% output at 50% rotation. ... 24x974.jpg

The good folks at Bourns potentiometers were able to answer my questions, in that the "D taper" is also sometimes referred to as an "A2 taper."
The part number suggested is PDB181-GTR01-504A2 .
Mouser has it: ... bXtg%3D%3D
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