Where do I start with this P4700J

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Where do I start with this P4700J

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Austin Sound wrote:
> Hello Scott, and greetings from Austin Texas. I'm primarily a keyboard player with a home studio consisting mostly of early analog synths (Moog, Oberheim, Roland, Korg, and SCI). Fulfilling a lifelong dream of having a modular, I just acquired an exceptionally nice PAiA P-4700/J. It was completely assembled by a musician/electronic tech upon purchase some 30 years ago with the exception of one of the three VCO modules and the reverb module. However it appears the unit was never finished and was stored in a climate controlled closet. The clamshell cases, modules, and the computer keyboard assembly are like off the showroom floor cosmetic wise, and the circuitry work is what you would excpect from a seasoned tech.
> Also included are all the original module kit instructions and the remaining two modules for me to put together. What I can not find in the included docs or on the internet are simple instructions about properly connecting patch cords to the various modules. Do you have any kiind of documentation, manual, etc. you could forward to get me started? I would be grateful for any help you could provide, Scott. Best regards ~ Steven

Hello Steven.

That's great! It's amazing the way these old things turn-up...

Check out the manual, Using the 4700S, a sequencer equipped 4700series modular, for general module patching and using details. It's one listed in the manuals section at PAiA Talk, a forum we're getting going.


The digital control part of the P4700J is probably more valued as a nostalgic piece of the equipment. It was leading-edge back in the day, but computer control and the state of the art is such that you're better off leaving this controller part for 'rainy-day' exploration, experimentation, and retro-learning. Do you see the book/manual, Friendly Stories about Computer/Synthesizers, by John Simonton. This is a general guide to the digital and computer parts of the system. But again, you only get hints of the functions and power available with computer and MIDI control these days.

FatMan is a current analog synthesizer in our product line and it has the MIDI to CV/Gate-trigger conversion that is compatible with the 4700series. The Pitch CV, Velocity CV and Gate-trigger outputs from FatMan can operate a nice, thick 'voice' patched on the two cabinets of a P4700J.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Scott Lee

ps Your older Korg may be a candidate as a pitch cv and gate-trigger source for the 4700series system.
Scott Lee