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There is a simple little program, KTEST, that can be modified so not only does it display the key pressed on the keyboard, it also sends the data to the D/A module. Add the instruction 8D FF 09. A branch instruction is modified too:

...KTEST program from the 8782 Digitally Encoded Keyboard manual, following are the op-codes for it. Touch 0-0-E-D-DISP-0-0-ENTER and 0-0-F-E-DISP-FF-ENTER-0-0-ENTER (to set the monitor and stack pointers). Touch 0-0-0-0-DISP and make the following entries (touch the two character op-code followed by enter) and then 0-0-0-0-RUN. Again, the displays will count up, but as a key is pressed the count stops and the code for the key is displayed. Note this is a modified version of the original and includes a line to send the key code to the D/A converter, so you can patch to the Pitch CV and Gate from the first QuASH channel (or the D/A Output).

8E 20 08
2C 10 08
30 FB
AD 10 08
30 F2
10 F8
8D 20 08
8D FF 09
2C 10 08
10 FB
30 E5
Scott Lee