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Due to popular demand (yes, we do read your emails), we are featuring John’s classic DIY ribbon controller article from our archives.

How to Build a 2 Note Ribbon Controller by John Simonton

Previously featured:  John’s treatment of Theremin timbre and distortion.

On Theremin Tone by John Simonton

PAiA media has always been rich with educational content, developed to make it easier for you to build our kits and understand more about sound and electronics – to help you master the techniques of electronic sound creation and to help you create your own sound.

PAiA Kit Assembly Tips

We are always developing new content!  Please let us know if there is a specific subject you would like to see presented on our website.  Thanks!

Note to our long-time friends:
As we continue to expand our tutorial content on the website, we are changing the website to make education information easier to find.  Please ask us if you are looking for something we may have moved!

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